Photo-sensitizer ANTHRACURE®

Our proprietary photosensitizers ANTHRACURE® series increase curing rate and improve properties of cured products by absorbing longer-wavelength UV radiation for which polymerization initiators are not sufficiently sensitive.

Photosensitizers ANTHRACURE® series

What is Photo-sensitizer ?

Photosensitizer is the additive which can absorb the long wave UV and transfer the energy coming from it to Initiators. Then it helps not only accelerate curing speed and deep curing but also improve properties of cured products.

Characteristics of Kawasaki Kasei´s photosensitizers ANTHRACURE® series

ANTHRACURE® is a photosensitizer for UV cationic polymerization.

It has a unparalleled absorption range of long UV wavelength around 400nm, which can utilize conventional Mercury lamp, LED and Laser.

ANTHRACURE® provides effective energy transfer to photo initiators , which helps accelerate polymerization and improve depth curing.

And ANTHRACURE® series are registered with oversea regulations.

Differences from others

  • Specializes in utilization of the energy coming from long wave UV out of the effective absorbing range of initiators.
  • Gives many options of initiators available
  • Reduces the dosage of initiators
  • Allows to cure thick film
  • Comply with regulations of many countries

Recommended for...

Someone who want to cure thick layer

The requirement for being able to cure thick film is utilizing long wave UV that can reach depth.

ANTHRACURE® absorbs such light effectively to transfer its energy to initiators. Accordingly, it leads to homogenous polymerization even in depth direction.

Someone who want to use LEDs

LED light sources, while consuming less energy and emitting less heat, emit a singular wavelength ranging from 365-405nm (long wave UV).

ANTHRACURE® efficiently absorbs the UV light coming from LEDs. When added to the conventional formulation, it helps achieve an equivalent or higher curing rate and improves insufficient curing.

Applications of ANTHRACURE®

Inks Flexo-inks, Screen-inks
Inkjet inks Inkjet inks for large format printer, Industrial ink jet
Coatings Beverage can coatings, Clear coatings, Release paper, Wood coatings
Adhesives Adhesives for polarizers, industrial adhesives
Electronic materials / Display materials Photoresists, Sealants
Thick films 3D printing inks, Refinishing

Pigmented system

The pigments that absorb the UV light for activating initiators will retard curing significantly.

ANTHRACURE® contributes to overcome this kind of issues by utilizing long wave UV.

Sensitization by ANTHRACURE® for LED light sources

With single wavelength irradiation ranging from 365-405nm, Neither Sulfonium nor Iodonium salts works well.

By adding ANTHRACURE® faster curing speed will be attainable and practical for industrial application.

And also you will have many options of initiators.

Sensitizing effect of ANTHRACURE® in thick film polymerization

A short wavelength of UV light (orange line) does not reach to the deep layer and it activates only the initiators in surface layer.

To cure depth ANTHRACURE® can activate the initiators even in deep layer by long wave UV (blue line) which can go through thick layers. Accordingly, it leads to the homogeneous cured layer.

ANTHRACURE® is a trademark, registered in the U.S. and EU etc.


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