Photo-sensitizer ANTHRACURE

Our proprietary photosensitizers ANTHRACURE series increase curing rate and improve properties of cured products by absorbing longer-wavelength UV radiation for which polymerization initiators are not sufficiently sensitive.

Characteristics of Kawasaki Kasei´s photosensitizers ANTHRACURE series

ANTHRACURE is a photosensitizer for UV cationic polymerization.

It has a unique absorption zone of long UV wavelengths over 400 nm.

ANTHRACURE provides effective energy transfer to the photopolymerization initiator, leading to accelerated polymerization and improved surface properties and adhesiveness of the cured product.

Making long-wavelength UV radiation available for photopolymerization, the photosensitizer now permits thick-film cationic polymerization which in conventional systems would end up in insufficient curing.

ANTHRACURE series satisfies regulations of many of countries.

Differences from others

  • Permits utilization of long-wavelength light energy beyond the effective absorption range of the initiator.
  • Sensitizing effect independent of the initiator.
  • Reduces the amount of the initiator.
  • Permits thick-film polymerization.
  • Can comply with regulations of many of countries.

Photosensitizers ANTHRACURE series

Recommended for...

For films over several hundred micrometers thick

Thick film polymerization requires long-wavelength UV light that penetrates the film to a large depth. ANTHRACURE absorbs such light effectively to transfer its energy to the initiator, permitting polymerization of a film up to millimeter-order thickness.

For photopolymerization with LEDs

LED light sources, while consuming less energy and emitting less heat, generate only a single wavelength in a range of 365-395 nm on a long-wavelength side.

Since ANTHRACURE efficiently absorbs the UV light within all the wavelength range obtained from LEDs, its addition to the conventional compounding system results in an equivalent or higher curing rate and product characteristics.

Applications of ANTHRACURE

Inks Flexo-inks, Screen-inks
Inkjet inks Inkjet inks for printing in large formats, Inkjet inks for industrial use
Coatings Base coatings for beverage cans, clear coatings, coatings for release paper
Adhesives Adhesives for polarizers, industrial adhesives
Electronic materials / Display materials Photoresists, Sealants
Thick films Stereolithographies, repair materials


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