Selected products

  • Photo-sensitizers
  • Polymerization inhibitors
  • Chain Transfer Agents
  • Radical photopolymerization controlling agents
  • Functional Materials

List of products

Organic acid products

Phthalic anhydride Plasticizer, organic pigment, paint, polyester resin
Succinic acid Biodegradable resin, bath agent, food additive
Disodium succinate hexahydrate food additive
Monosodium Succinate food additive
Fumaric acid Unsaturated polyester resin, bath agent, food additive
Monosodium fumarate food additive
Phthalic acid Electronic industry material etc.

Organic acid derivatives

Plasticizer For flexible polyvinyl chloride
MAXIMOL Rigid polyurethane Foam, non-foaming polyurethane, reforming agent

Quinone products

Naphthoquinone Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural chemicals, Flame retardant epoxy resins, desulfurization catalyst, hydrogen peroxide catalyst, etc.
Hydroxynaphthoquinone Pesticide intermediates of agricultural chemicals
Dichloro-naphthoquinone Pesticide intermediates, catalyst of pigments
Acequinocyl Pesticides(acaricide)
1,4-dihydroxynaphthalene Material for functional polymers
Anthraquinone Dyestuff intermediates, pulp delignificationagent
SAQ Pulp delignification agent
NQS Desulfurizing catalyst
ANTHRACURE Photo-sensitizers
Quino Power Polymerization inhibitors (oil-soluble,and scaling inhibition)
Quinoexter Polymerization Regulators


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